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We are working on a complete restyling of the website, a new image and new concepts, which correspond to the new Rosati srl.
For the moment the contents are few and dated, but we will do our best to create new content that we hope will lead our visitors to follow us more and more!
Stay tuned…..

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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ErP 2015 axial fans … the new EZ series

By joining the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union has engaged to reach the so-called target of
20-20-20, that means to guarantee a reduction of 20% of CO2 emissions, a decrease of casino online 20% of primary energy consumption and an increase of 20% of energy coming from renewable sources, all within 2020.

To reach such target, the European Union has adopted the EuP Directive (Energy-using Products Directive) 2005/32/CE, then replaced by ErP Directive (Energy-related Products) 2009/125/CE.
In 2010 the strictest limits were fixed for the fans, both functioning alone or inside a machinery.
In this case, the “Energy saving” products contribution to reach the targets is very important, but the user takes advantage of it as well, because more efficiency means not only lower emissions but also lower operating costs.
The norm indicates the min efficiency level according to the different types of fans, and it dipends on the way of measuring and on the power consumption.

According to ErP Directive, the different types of fans should reach the given efficiency levels “N”. Therefore, such efficiency level indicates a parameter in the energy efficiency calculation target of a fan, that depends on the power-in of the optimum energy efficiency point.

Our new “EZ axial fan range, produced by means of an eco-friendly design, is ErP 2015 ready.


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Visco Fan Test Lab

Our test room for bimetal visco clutch driven fans is ready.
It has been built and organized in collaboration with University of Perugia (Italy).

Many kinds of tests can be carried out in a totally authomatic way with the issuing of the related report.

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75th Anniversary

Rosati Fratelli celebrates the 75° Anniversary of its birth.


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